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East Lothian Council is committed to work with its partners and to engage closely with young people to develop services, which will improve young people’s quality of life. The organisations and services that worked with young people in developing this document have listened carefully and youthvision is testament to their dedication to working with our young people.

Since being appointed Champion for Youth, I have had the pleasure to meet and work with young people from all over our county. Young people have shaped this document through their contributions to a wide-ranging survey carried out over the summer of 2008. Information gained has been analysed together with Student Evaluation of Learning Systems (SELS) in Schools.

Cllr Ruth Currie, Champion for Youth


Working with young people within their communities is recognised as a key means of securing a smarter, wealthier and fairer, healthier, greener, safer and stronger Scotland for our young people. I’d like to thank all the young people who took part and I am determined that the findings in this document will be used in future plans. I look forward to East Lothian becoming a place where young people feel valued, are successful learners, confident individuals, responsible citizens and effective contributors.

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