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Living the Vision

youthvision has been developed and will be implemented in partnership with young people from all across East Lothian. All service providers have committed to a Living the Vision Action Plan to deliver the Outcomes for youthvision.

The plan will be updated and modified on an ongoing basis and East Lothian Youth Council in conjunction with East Lothian Community Planning Partnership will monitor progress on youthvision.

Each year an event will be organised that brings all participating partners and young people together to make sure Youth Vision is on track.

At the Annual Event we will:

  • Celebrate our achievements of the past year
  • Learn how we could have done things better
  • Revisit youthvision and make any changes we think will improve it
  • Listen to everyone's ideas for Living the Vision in the coming year
  • Update our Action Plan
  • Get excited about all the positive possibilities and plans and make them a reality
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